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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) across settings!

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Community ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is a behavioral therapy company for individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. This includes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other mild to severe cognitive delays. We offer ABA therapy in a treatment setting that is focused on teaching a wide range of skills needed for independent living. Once mastered in the treatment setting, these skills will be generalized outside of the center through community outings with neighborhood partners.


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Therapies & Treatments

Our Services include our assesment conduct which is the initial assessment that includes 
direct observation, interview with caretakers, and formal assessments that will be used to 
formulate a Behavior Treatment Plan specific to our member’s needs. In-Home Therapy 
delivers personalized in-home therapy. Training Counsel, train, support family members 
and direct care staff Coordination Coordinate with direct support staff, teachers, 
employers and health professionals working with our members to ensure continuity of 
Services will also include daily activities including transportation to school/activities, or 
supplemental school, employment, and other community support.

Family Counseling

Anxiety Treatment

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Depression Therapy

Couples Therapy

Individual Choacing


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